Tuesday, January 31, 2012

iPhone Rewind {January}

Finally! I've got some major catching up to do on the ol' blog but here is January according to my iPhone. 

I started 2012 with a clean and organized pantry...

Waiting in the front yard for John to pick us up for a lunch date.

one of our weekly trips to Target

Early evening walk...he fell asleep with his mouth on the stroller. Can't be comfortable.

Me with 2 of my friends daughters after bible study one night.

First Toms!


Gah he's cute!!

He fell asleep while John was holding him at lunch after church one Sunday. His top 2 teeth were coming through. :(

Pop Pop and Hudson going for a walk.

First time with a teething biscuit. Blanket on the couch to protect it. Made a mess but he loved it!

First time swinging at the park.

My sweet friend Ashley and her 3 precious kids came to visit a few weeks ago. Hudson loved Izzy!

Owen, Ethan, Hudson and Izzy

Sweet boy after church

Hudson and Landry at Rhythm Rookies (music class for babies at church)

Eating smashed peas 

 Right before he started crawling he was army crawling all over the place. He got under his jumperoo and was very confused!

I love how he sleeps.

He's crawling!

He loves grabbing noses.

Picnic at the park!


John and I saw this palm tree on our walk...we thought it was the tallest one we'd ever seen!

Sharing blueberries with Mommy

Eating the table.

I made PW's cinnamon rolls for Sunday School a few weeks ago...so so good!

Spending too much time with Oliver...

Hudson and I took our first road trip just the 2 of us to McKinney last week. This was one of our stops up there.

Once we got to my mom's house Hudson really took off with crawling. Since we have wall to wall hardwoods it was harder for him at home after he figured it out. He mastered crawling in McKinney!

Hudson in his precious Pumpkin Butter Kids Valentine's Day shirt!

Me and my sweetheart

Little Piano Man at Neiman Marcus

Kissing Lady

Lunch with Papa Jim

On our way home from McKinney we made a stop in Waco for Starbucks and a diaper change.


  1. Oh My Gosh! i love those toms!

    I didn't think they made toms for babies like that. the ones i have for my baby girl have straps.

  2. He is so cute.. You dress him so stylish.. Love those TOMS.. I want to get Chelsi the glitter ones. Ha

    Chelsi has start grabbing our face.. Her brothers don't think its cute at all. ha

    I'm so jealous of your pantry.. Ours is half that size if not smaller than that..

  3. Gah! He is super cute. Top 3 fav pics: Hudson falling asleep in the stroller with his mouth on the side, the palm tree (I laughed out loud.. so tall and random) and the one of you and him. Sweet!! :)


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