Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Husband Hack

Ten Things I Love About My Wife, Lindsay:

  1. She is an amazing mother. Every time I see her with Hudson, I'm that much more happy that we're having another child.  
  2. She's super sexy. Particularly in the morning. With no make-up on. 
  3. She is constant and steady. No drama. Of all the people in my life, she's the one I know I can count on. 
  4. She gives great advice. Most of the time, she doesn't think I'm listening, but her advice is some of the best, and it always gives me a better perspective on the world. 
  5. She follows Christ in a way that makes me want to go deeper. In a real marriage, one season might find the husband nudging the wife along in faith, and in another season, the wife nudging along the husband. That is what it means to be equal, submitting to one another. 
  6. She dances really poorly. Then again, so do I. Even so, we dance around the house with Hudson all the time. It's sweet, but still really bad. 
  7. She has an unhealthy love of shoes. It's a sickness. 
  8. She keeps this amazing blog, which will be a gift to our children someday. And yes, it will also be a source of embarrassment. That's also part of the plan. 
  9. She keeps the monograming economy going. I'm pretty sure that every piece of children's clothing we own has a name or initial on it. And I'm not kidding. Really. Not kidding. 
  10. She loves me. It's a huge gamble, but she keeps betting on me. And the best part is, we both win. 
Love you, Lobster. 


  1. What a sweet post from other lenses! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. I love this!! Two special people that I am so glad found each other! Love you both. Perhaps our little ones will be best buds at Baylor one day...

  3. Lindsay, you definitely have a keeper!! What a sweet thing for him to do!!

  4. So sweet! You do have a pretty awesome wife! :)

  5. This is so stinking sweet :) #6 is to precious!

  6. John, that was such a sweet idea!! Its fun to read your perspective, you guys are such a great couple {and we haven't even met IRL}!


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