Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hudson's first ear infection

Our little guy has his first ear infection and it's a double ear infection. :(

Let me back up a little. Last week Hudson's allergies started bothering him. Not bad at all, but a little snotty, a little cough, some sneezing. Nothing bad at all. So we gave him singulair and he was fine. Friday we took him for his 15 month check up and the doctor noticed one of his ears was a little red but nothing to worry about. Then over the weekend, his fever went up and he was miserable but we linked that to his flu shot that he got on Friday. He has been fever free since Sunday night but still wasn't feeling great. Monday night was a bad night for him. He was clearly in pain and kept crying out and almost grunting in his sleep. We were up with him for a couple of hours and then he woke up around 5:30 Tuesday morning. At this point I was still thinking allergies. John came home from work in the morning after his staff meeting and helped me out on Tuesday. It was wonderful because I was so exhausted from not much sleep Monday night. When Hudson woke up from his nap around 4:30 that day he started pulling at his ears. So I called the doctor first thing Wednesday morning to get him looked at. His cough had also gotten much worse. He had that horrible seal barking cough. 

So we went to the doctor yesterday morning and he has a double ear infection and croup. She told us to keep using the Zyrtec and humidifier to help with the croup and gave us a prescription for amoxicillin for his ears. Not only was this Hudson's first ear infection but it's also his first time taking an antibiotic. I'm so thankful that we made it 15 1/2 months. 

When we went to the doctor yesterday I decided to put him in the stroller which was one of my best ideas as a parent yet. He is a very active (even when he's sick) baby...almost toddler. So the idea of having him by myself in a waiting room being 34 weeks pregnant was not my idea of fun. He was happy and content sitting in his stroller eating his snack and watching the other kids. 

Oh and Hudson loves amoxicillin. He cries when he can't have anymore after we give him his dose. 

He's already doing so much better today. Still incredibly snotty but his ears don't seem to be bothering him at all and his cough is SO much better! Still has it but he doesn't sound like a barking seal anymore. 


  1. Poor Hudson. :(

    I'm so sorry he's sick. I know you all are taking good care of him! Thankfully you found the problem and the amox should help him by today!

    We made it 15.5 months before M got sick too. Go us!


  2. Poor Hudson!! I hate this for y'all.. Croup and a ear infection is horrible..

    Glad he is already starting to sound better and feel better. Hopefully he gets better STAT!

  3. Poor little guy. I'm so sorry for him (and you). We know how nasty those ear infections can be. Hope he is on the mend soon!

  4. So glad he's loving his medicine. :-) And hope he continues to feel better soon! So you can all get some sleep. Love ya'll!

  5. I don't know how you've done it without the stroller!! I never go to the doctor without it... :) Or anywhere for that matter! So sorry he is sick, but that good 'ol amox will do wonders!!


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