Thursday, September 20, 2012

lucky girl!

2 posts in 1 day? Yep! I'm excited to share this with y'all!

I never win anything. There are always tons of giveaways on the blogs I read and I always enter them for fun. I never win. Except for the last 2 weeks. I've won 4 giveaways in 2 weeks! Seriously!

First, I won a giveaway that my friend Katy had on her blog. Emma got 2 adorable pairs of baby legs wrapped in the cutest packaging. Check out Pink Pear Tree Gifts. She has such sweet things for babies and they are all ready to go for a shower or hospital gift. Below is what I got for Emma.

The next giveaway I won was to My Favorite Bows hosted by Growing, Laughing and Loving in Life. I won credit to pick out bows for Emma. A little girl can never have too many bows. I love the classic look of the grosgrain bow so I have several colors sitting in my shopping cart on her site. Just trying to make sure I have exactly what I need!

THEN, I won a pair of custom leggings and matching bow from Sweetly Southern Bows and More hosted by I Love You More Than Carrots. I told her I wanted a pair for Christmas and she sent me this picture and it's perfect! The only difference in the pair she is making Emma is the ruffle at the bottom. Emma's will have more of a ruffle instead of the fur. With a sweet matching bow this is going to be adorable!

And today I found out I won The Chirping Moms giveaway for this PRECIOUS candy corn smocked dress from The Little Crane Smocked Shoppe. I absolutely LOVE this dress. I am planning on ordering a size 12 months so she can wear it next year.  

Y'all! Seriously?!?! I still can't believe I've won 4 giveaways for Emma in 2 weeks! And I'm entering all kinds of giveaways too. Things for me, Hudson, etc. but I just keep winning the ones for her. I'm so excited though because she doesn't have much at all compared to Hudson. 

I was not asked to share about these shops. I am just excited and love the things I've won and wanted to share these fun shops and blogs with you! These sweet ladies do giveaways often so follow their blogs!


  1. You go girl! She's going to be decked out!! That is so awesome. Congratulations. :) And on an unrelated note...tiny red toenails!

  2. You are one lucky mama! I just popped over to your blog from ours---and it's adorable:) Looking forward to reading more now that I'm following and congratulations again!


  3. You're so sweet!! Glad you won, friend!


  4. How fun!! You might ask other girl moms about sizing on the smocked dress...I know a lot of them have girls wear for 2 years (one as a dress and one as a shirt) so I don't know if they bump up a size or not. just a thought :)

  5. girl you need to be paying the lottery right now! you're all kinds of lucky!

  6. That's so funny! I have won a lot of giveaways lately too!! I won a tooth fairy pillow for Pearson. I won a pair of earring and an eyeshadow. I won a necklace. And I won a Maybook!!


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