Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Unless you live in a box you know that President Bush's daughter, Jenna, got hitched this weekend in Crawford. Living in Waco it was talked about a lot on Saturday. I was looking forward to seeing pictures of this wedding because all the details were kept so quiet. There hadn't been a wedding in the White House since Trisha Nixon's wedding in the early 70's {which was televised} and Jenna apparently didn't want her wedding on National TV or at the White House! {Can you blame her?!} She also said that they held the wedding in Crawford so that they could go back to where they were married any time. It was a beautiful setting...saying their vows in front of a newly constructed limestone cross as the sun set behind them. Being a foodie and loving to bake I was anxious to see the wedding cake! Sources say it was created by the White House pastry chef. It was a gorgeous 4-tiered cake with fresh flowers...only the top layer looks a little "off." Did anyone else notice the crooked top layer? Was it supposed to be this way? Did they mess up on a White House wedding cake!?!?! What are your thoughts...

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  1. wow, that is off! I'll have to show that to my mom since she makes cakes!!


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