Saturday, May 31, 2008

don't go to the store hungry...

Last night J and I decided to cook dinner rather late. {We went to HEB around 8:00.} We had a list including stuff for tonight's dinner {turkey burgers with sweet potato fries}. When we got to the parking lot of HEB we quickly decided that the shrimp Caesar salad didn't sound quite as good as homemade pizza. So using the iPhone we looked up the ingredients for the crust and sauce and decided what toppings we wanted then headed inside. We started in the produce section making our way towards the meat section. John thought that we might need an appetizer while we waited on our dough to rise and pizza to bake. We got pitas, hummus, and of course lump crab {for Mexican crab dip of course!} We ended up eating our homemade pizza around 10:00pm. Toppings included Italian turkey sausage, sauteed cremini mushrooms and onions on top of a homemade pizza sauce and herb crust. So good! Oh and we watched Lions for Lambs also...rented from the Red Box! Great movie, great concept that Red Box. Whoever came up with that idea was brilliant!

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