Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Happy *Belated* Memorial Day

This post is a few {well, maybe several} days late but better late than never as the saying goes. Monday was a wonderful day. Our plan for the day was to go out to Lake Waco on John's aunt and uncle's boat and then head to McKinney late afternoon for a last minute bbq with my family {the whole family...mom, dad, sister and her husband, brother and his girlfriend, and all the animals}.

*Side note* In high school I was a lifeguard every summer and also taught swim lessons. I continued teaching swim lessons even after I decided to no longer lifeguard. I was very tan by the end of the summer. I mean, I used one of the darkest shades of powder at the makeup counter! It has been about 6 or 7 years since I spent my summer at the pool and my skin shows it for sure!

Ok, back to Monday. We went out to Lake Waco and spent most of our time on the house boat which stayed at the dock because it was too windy to take out. We enjoyed the company and had delicious burgers and all the fixin's. We did decide to go on a short boat run on the regular ski boat. My guess is that we were on the boat for less than an hour and my arms and legs {thankfully my shirt covered up my back} got fried! I didn't think of putting on sunscreen for that short amonut of time. As we drove to McKinney I noticed the pink "tan line" on my legs becoming more defined. Ouch! Tuesday and Wednesday were painful...complete with swelling everywhere I was burned! Thankfully I had some aloe vera plant leaves that I refrigerated and rubbed on my burns. Never had a burn that bad in my life. After talking to my mom and spending some time at webmd.com we think I must have gotten sun poisoning. Fun times...

Enjoy these pictures from Monday...

Lake Waco

Happy Memorial Day on HWY 75!

Notice the pictures above and below...no traffic on 75 in Dallas...on Memorial Day...geez gas!

John annoyed with me wanting to take pictures!


Memorial Day BBQ...mom's famous ribs smoked by dad!

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