Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I can't sleep. John is out of town this week (and by out of town I mean he is an hour away in Hamilton) for Summer Music Camp. I know he is going to have an amazing week but also an exhausting week. He works so hard and is so passionate about what he does and I love him for that. We leave a week from today for our vacation to New York. Excitement cannot begin to explain it. I went to McKinney this weekend to help my parents move. I love their new house/neighborhood/town! My family has lived in McKinney for 17 years. (Wow, has it really been that long?) They found a house in a small town outside of McKinney that they fell in love with. I love it too. It is quiet in Fairview. Feels like you are out in the country without being "out in the country." Currently I'm enjoying a cup of tea so it might help me get tired. Friday night on my way up to McKinney/Fairview I stopped at Sur la Table (one of my absolute favorite stores ever) and finally spent a gift card I've had since Christmas on a tea kettle. I have been trying to decide exactly what tea kettle I want for about 3 years now. I know, a pretty lame thing that should not have taken so long to make a decision. I was going back and forth between a Le Creuset or OXO. I went with the Le Creuset. I got the Halo style in Caribbean. I'm so happy with my new tea kettle and have used it 4 times already. I'm tired now and I'm sure you are too from reading of all the random thoughts going through my head...good night.


  1. Congrats on your new tea kettle, nice choice! If you get too lonely Ava and I will come for a slumber party:) Holler if ya' need anything.

  2. so, i don't even know what kind of tea kettles you're talking about! i seriously need you and autumn to give me a class called "kitchen 101" that encompasses cooking, accessories, and cool name brands. =) call if you need company!

  3. fairview?! I know a family ou in Fairview! post a pic of your new purchase!!


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