Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Movie Review

Do you remember the feeling you had the first time you saw Grease? Last night I felt like a 6-year-old girl again with curly brown pigtails and all I wanted to do was stand up and sing and dance at the top of my lungs! Mamma Mia was FABULOUS!

Meryl Streep can! I am always pleasantly surprised when a really wonderful actor can also sing. It takes their credibility way up for me. I love it when I see a movie and I can tell the actors really are having a great time and having so much fun. Watching Meryl with her two girlfriends made me want to jump on a plane to Greece with my girlfriends! And speaking of Greece, WOW - unbelievably gorgeous!

I also decided that I want hair like Sophie. Beautiful.

And what I heard about Pierce Brosnan not being able to sing was so true. I almost couldn't control my laughter when he sang that first duet with Meryl. His poor face was so intense and it is not an intense movie! His other two songs towards the end were not as bad.

Excellent summer movie!

PS: I also laughed uncontrollably when the guys were dancing on the dock in their speedos and flippers while Sky and Sophie were singing on the beach...oh cheesy musical movies!

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    i LOVE abba. dancing queen was my favorite song in high school. i have a feeling that i'd LOVE the movie!!


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