Friday, December 12, 2008

so embarrassing.



equal disaster waiting to happen!
You all know the routine (or at least I hope you know the routine or else I'm all alone) trip or fall when you are with a friend and it is pretty funny. You can laugh with someone and not feel so embarrassed and it actually can be humorous and not humiliating. But when you are ALL ALONE and you trip or fall it is terrible if someone sees you.

Today I was walking down the stairs of the SUB back to my office and the heel of my boots got caught in the cuff of my black pants. I tripped (luckily only 3 steps from the bottom) and 3 chamber guys saw me. Of course I blamed the "water" on the steps!


  1. Oh no!! I feel you! I fell walking out of Chapel one day. It had been rainging and I totally bit it! HA it was funny afterwards, but i turned a nice shade of red. Sadly, I also fell in the business building...twice!

    Baylor needs to do something about those slick steps!

  2. Oh yeah, I understand that! I need to wear all capri pants probably to avoid situations like this.


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