Tuesday, September 8, 2009

bits and pieces

Sara, this one is for you!

I'm sorry dear friends. I have been a bad blogger and I want to try and tell you what has been going on lately. I have also been a bad picture taker so this is going to be boring. Just saying.

As you know, last week I started my new job. It is quite a change from my last job but I am loving it so far. There is a lot of work to do and I am busy getting things ready for our first program that we will do in the high school. I love it!

I am doing a new Bible study, Experiencing God, and so far it has been incredible. It has been so good to be a part of a Bible study group. It is holding me accountable and encouraging me and keeping me focused each day.

This is John's 4th week in the office! I can't believe it has already been that long. He is starting to get his routine down and we are officially 2 boring married people with 1 full time job each! Loving it!

Friday night we had a get together with our Sunday School class (well, John can't go because of worship rehearsal but it is a couples class) and another class. We all met a Mexican food restaurant that also has amazing Italian food. We went with Mexican food, but we were told that this place has the best pasta in town. After dinner we went to someone's house for more time with our friends and dessert. John and I had a great time getting to know more people.

Saturday our BFF's The Broaddus' came in town for the BAYLOR GAME! Unfortunately, the game was only showing on ABC in the Waco area and the Wake Forrest area. But thanks to espn360.com and John's handy dandy cords that connect the laptop to the TV we were able to watch the game! As always we had a great time with our friends and enjoyed the rest of our evening with BBQ, chocolate cake and Mexican Train Dominos. And SIC 'EM BEARS!!! Great start of the season!

Life is great here in Victoria. We have settled into our routine and things are starting to feel like home...normal. Normal is good.

I promise to be better. That means taking pictures which I haven't been good about. I have been cooking so take a look at Lindsay's Kitchen later this week for lots of new recipes.



and Sic 'em Bears!


  1. i'm so happy for yall in this exciting new chapter. & yes, thank you for the update dedication. can't wait to see y'all in a lil over a week!! gahhhhhhh!

  2. The Baylor/Wake Forest game was playing in Raleigh. I taught Randy how to "Sic 'Em." He thinks our little bear paws are crazy, but I think he secretly liked it. =)

  3. Oh I love new recipes, I'll have to check out your other blog!

  4. The Baylor game was playing out here in Virginia, but we weren't home to watch it. At least they won!!! :)

  5. Lindsay, I love your blog AND I just checked out your kitchen blog as well. I'm drooling for a taste of the risotto and the chocolate peanut butter cake! YUM! :-)


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