Monday, October 12, 2009

fabulous fall weekend!

Last week was so busy. Part of my job is to go to the high school and teach students all about resume writing, dressing for success, business etiquette (which includes dining, phone and email etiquette), money management and interviewing skills and last week that's where I was. At the high school all day every day. It was a busy week but also so nice to not be in my office all week. I will be doing that once a month for the whole school year. That is probably my favorite part of my job. Well one of my favorites. I really love it!

This weekend was great. It actually felt like fall all weekend. This was great for us now living in South Texas. It was in the upper 90s last week.

Anywho. After a change of plans, this weekend was our first weekend in over a month to not have company in town or an event at church. We were bummed about our change of plans, but welcomed the nothing-to-do weekend with open arms. We have absolutely loved having friends and family coming to visit and see our new place but a weekend with nothing to do was great.

Friday I left work early (read: I didn't go back to the office after school was over) and that night we made homemade pizza (recipe over at Lindsay's Kitchen) and watched Jim Gaffigan on Comedy Central. He is one of our favorite stand up comedians and we had a blast eating homemade pizza on the couch and chillaxin. It was a great night!

Pizza Night

Pizza Night
my nose looks huge here! ha! :)

Saturday morning we slept in (read: we woke up at 8:30 because we are becoming old and can't sleep late anymore...ugh!), had the best homemade waffles and relaxed in our p.j.'s for most of the morning! It was amazing. That afternoon we went to go see Love Happens and I loved it. John laughed a couple times and didn't suffer too much. On our way home from the movie we stopped and bought a perfect fairytale pumpkin. I had been meaning to buy a pumpkin for a few weeks now but never got around to it.

Fairytale Pumpkin

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some much needed yard work! The weather was absolutely perfect and we got so much done. After a few hours of working in the yard we had burgers and sweet potato fries for dinner and of course spent the rest of the evening relaxing.


I love our hibiscus!

It was a wonderfully restful weekend...exactly what we needed!


  1. sounds lovely:) I love the pumpkin! Those are my favorite.

  2. P.S. thanks for telling me about the kindle app! There are even free books to download! Never heard of most of them, but I see this as a good opportunity to read new things!!

    very cool!!


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