Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Baylor Homecoming 2011

Baylor Homecoming is one of our favorite traditions every year. This year we couldn't wait to bring Hudson. Despite being completely off schedule and staying up very late every night, he did great! 

Friday we got to campus and the Baylor Bookstore was our first stop. Then we went by Student Activities (where I used to work) to visit friends there. We walked around campus and made our way over to Truett Seminary so John could visit some old professors. It was a fun afternoon without anything on our agenda.

Then we headed over to John's aunt's house. Sandra got Hudson the most adorable Baylor beanie. He looked so cute and I was so glad to have a new one because the one he had was a newborn size and didn't fit well anymore. 

Friday night we went to dinner with our friends the Bradleys. Hudson took about 1/2 an ounce from a bottle and then fell asleep. We didn't bring his car seat in so we laid him down on the booth and our little tummy sleeper was so content. :)

Saturday morning we were up early for the parade. Stacy (John's cousin) and little boy Hagen (8 months) were in town and it was so fun for Hudson and Hagen to meet.

Practicing his "Sic 'em Bears!"

John and Hudson with Judge Baylor

Family pic with Judge Baylor

John's dad and stepmom came down for the parade so Hudson got lots of Pop Pop love!

I got emotional when the parade started. I was holding Hudson and watching the band and the tears just started. I may be just a tad hormonal still. :)

This was Spencer and Sandra's 40th reunion from Baylor! (have I mentioned before that they are twins?)

One of my favorite parts about Homecoming is walking around the parade to see all of our friends. I just wish I had taken more pictures with everyone! Here we are with the Kriegels.

Courtney and I with Hudson and Ethan. How cute is Ethan's bear hat??? Love.

John and Patrick with their boys.

After the parade we went to Cafe Cappuccino for breakfast. I had my usual egg white omelette with a banana pecan pancake. Heaven. Hudson napped. :)

After an afternoon nap at Sandra's we went to the tailgate and football game. Ethan grabbed a huge piece of sausage off of Courtney's plate and went to town! It was so cute.

Hudson's first time at a Baylor football game. And we won! Sic 'em! He loved it because there were so many things to look at.

And another nap to help him stay up later.

Awake and ready to cheer!

We got these adorable stickers from some friends at the game...he looked too cute!

We left during halftime because he just couldn't last much longer.

We tired to get a family picture in the parking lot...this was the best one. :)

We can't wait for next year!


  1. looks like such a fun weekend!!

    I love the little stickers on his face, so cute!! oh and the pictures of him cashed out, he didn't care where he slept! :)

  2. Loved seeing y'all!! And can you please send me the pic of Ethan stuffing his face with sausage?!? That was and still is hilarious!


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