Monday, November 28, 2011


Hudson is "sick" for the first time. I use the quotes because he doesn't have a fever and he's still his very happy self. He has a horrible cough though and is congested.

I took him to the doctor this morning because I'm a first time mom who wanted to make sure my baby was okay. I knew he didn't have a fever and she confirmed what I was hoping...just a little cold. Unfortunately (and fortunately I guess) he is to young for any medicine for what he has.

So we are using the humidifier and booger sucker and keeping him comfortable. She also suggested raising his crib on one side to keep his head elevated but that won't work with my little wiggle worm. He moves all over his crib at night so he could end up with his feet higher than his head.

And this afternoon I spilled an entire bottle of Infant Tylenol on the floor of Hudson's nursery. I'm so glad that we have hardwood floors.

Oh and my little 5 1/2 month old weighs 17 pounds 3 ounces!

After his appointment we went and picked up lunch to take to John at church.

And he cut his first tooth last week. We had no idea because he wasn't fussy at all. It came in on Tuesday and Thursday (Thanksgiving day) he started to get a little fussy from it.

I've got to get better about blogging...this is my 4th post this month and it's almost over.


  1. Poor babe :( I sure hope he feels better soon.

  2. Poor Hudson. Pearson has had the exact same thing since the 13th or so. I was going to take him to the doctor but my Mom convinced me to just call and talk to the nurse. I'm glad I did, because she gave me the exact same advice that you got. My little guy is just now starting to clear up. It's so sad because he has had the hardest time nursing because he's been so stuffed up. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

  3. Unsolicited advice alert...

    Since we are besties with the booger sucker and spent more of Hadley's life fighting congestion than days she was well, I feel the need to pass on some of the tips we've learned (and some of them we weren't told until recently and I was pretty ticked that it took over a year to get the scoop)...
    Johnson's and Johnson's makes a vapo bath. It helps (at least somewhat). Of course, it doesn't cure anything, but it helps treat some symptoms long enough to bring some relief. But, our Dr. did not suggest using it WITH baby vapo rub (one or the other). Also, when Hadley was so congested they kept telling us, "when she gets to 17 lbs you can give her something" I was never so happy to get to a weight marker...of course, it took us forever to get to the 17 lb mark. We were able to give her yellow Triaminic for cough and congestion. It isn't a suppressant, but it thins out the mucus and snot. Of course, we were battling long term congestion, so they may have approved it earlier for us because of the situation.
    And, finally, the one that had me wanting to pull my hair out-saline. We had been told/asked a million times if we used saline. Of course we used saline, then we suck it right out with the syringe. on our 3rd trip to a specialist (from TX Children's) she says, "do you use saline when she is well?" Um no... since the nose is one major "gateway" to the body, tons of viruses and sickness come in through the nose. It is warm, dark, and moist way up in the back of the nose--so it harbors bacteria. This Dr. told us to use saline a few times a day to help flush out bacteria/viruses. When I mentioned this to both our ENT and our Pediatrician they were like, "yeah, studies show kids that use saline regularly are sick and on antibiotics less often." Um, really??? 12 months of appointments and congestion/snot/coughing and now you tell us?
    Whatever you find out there that works for sweet Hudson, I hope he feels better soon. Sounds like he is like Hadley-the sickness doesn't change the personality that much at all. What a blessing THAT is!


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