Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hanging out in McKinney

We went to McKinney the first week of June while John was out of town for the youth choir trip. 

Our trip down...an 8 hour car trip alone with 2 under 2 (at the time) is a lot of work but we're getting pretty good at it. 

Snack break in Waco.

Like I said, getting pretty good at the car naps!

This was in Dallas after we'd been in the car for almost 8 hours. We were stuck in traffic and Hudson kept saying "done" and signing "all done." We were ready to get out of the car!

When we got to Lady's she had plenty of treats for the little man.

One of our good morning pics we sent to John.

At lunch with PJ at Gloria's. Hudson LOVED the black bean dip.

We had lots of trips to the park. 

And a few trips to the pool.

The epitome of summer.

Pool nap for Miss Emma James.

While we were in McKinney I finally got to meet (in person) Amanda and her sweet kids. We've been twitter friends for a couple years now and have been texting but we finally got to meet in person. Later this week we got to have a girls night with Whitney but we didn't get a pic. Anyway...Hudson had so much fun with Emma and Levi!

Meal time is one of her favorite times. 

"drive drive drive drive..."

Hanging out at PJ's and acting silly.

Sweet girl napping at PJ's. 

It was a fun week but we knew that once we got back home to Victoria things would be wrapping up there quickly. 

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