Sunday, April 13, 2008

music, movie & mustard, OH MY!

Today at church our childrens' choirs sang throughout the whole service and then had a party afterward with hot dogs, popcorn, and Monster's Inc. John has always worked so hard with the children and the music ministry. In order to have the best turnout possible he sent home a note with the kids after the Wednesday evening activities this past week which said that if there were over 50 kids who came to sing in church then they could turn him into a human hot dog. {He said he was willing to do anything to get that many kids there!} Well, of course there were over 50 kids and John began regretting his promise he had made! {For those of you who don't know, John HATES ketchup...I mean HATE. When he was in college his fraternity brothers covered his car in ketchup. His hatred for ketchup began when his dad used to suck ketchup from the little packets in the car...gross!} Of course, there was no way he was getting out of it. So towards the end of the movie, he went to go change clothes and fashioned a dew rag out of a yellow trash bag. I had made some "ponchos" for the kids to put on out of trash bags so that their clothes could be as protected as possible from the flying ketchup and mustard they would be squirting at John. We lined the kids up and marched them outside in pairs {each pair had one bottle of either ketchup or mustard} and John laid down preparing for what was to come. Let's just say, ketchup and mustard ended up in some places you would not want it! Enjoy these pictures!

check out the little girl's face in the background!

giving up!

"here, you missed a spot..."

"what was i thinking??"

this is probably my favorite!

the final product...he kept saying the whole way home {after a 20 minute shower at church} "i can still smell it on me!"

Love you John!!


  1. oh lindsay, i feel bad- were you the one who had to wash those clothes?!? what a sport he was!

  2. HAHHAA!! that's great! Hope he just threw out those clothes!!

  3. The clothes were put immediately in the trash can!


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