Thursday, April 3, 2008

Question of the Day

I get several random questions everyday but today this was by far the most random and my favorite question. Let me act it out for you...
9:30 am - Phone rings.
Me: "Good morning, Student Activities. This is Lindsay."
Prospective Student {refered to as PS}: "Hi, there is an activity tomorrow and I want to go."
Me: "Ok, do you know what the activity is or who is sponsoring it?"
PS: "MOM...What's that thing called? Oh, I think it's something about 'I Know Where I'm Going.' or something like that."
Me: "Ok, let me transfer you to Admissions."
PS: "Thanks so much!" {insert high school girl giggling}
My two favorite things about this call where telling Student Activities that she wanted to attend the activity, hello, there are so many! And then, this little prospective high school student proceeds to shout out to Mom to remind her why she is making this call.
I love my job!!

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