Friday, March 20, 2009

friday musings

Spring is here! I watched the Today Show this morning and saw the anchors anxiously doing a countdown to spring. It was pretty thrilling. It does make me excited to go out and start an herb container garden. We had one a couple years ago complete with tomatoes, onions and herbs and last year had basil only. I'm thinking this year will be just herbs. I think those do the best in containers on an apartment porch.

Anyone see Leno last night? John and I were pretty excited about seeing President Obama make an appearance. We are really big fans of Leno. If we were going to be a guest on a late night show it would definitely be Leno and if we were to go to a show it would definitely be Leno's. (When I asked John these questions last night he looked at me as he answered "Leno" both times like, duh..would there even be another answer?) We like Leno. We love Leno. We will miss Leno. We were thrilled that Leno got to be the first late night show to host a sitting President. I was pretty tired last night and made it through most of President Obama's time on the show and as I was getting heavy eyed John encouraged me to stay awake because some day our children will learn in history class about this historical moment and do I want to have to tell them that I fell asleep because I was too tired? Point taken. I stayed awake. But we did cringe when President Obama made the comment about the Special Olympics. Yikes. They quickly recovered and moved on, but still..yikes.

My heart has really been sad the past couple of days for Natasha Richardson and her family. She seemed to have it together. Family. Career. It is so so sad and my heart goes out to her family.

I burned my thumb on my flat iron this morning and it is getting pretty red. It hurts.

I am working on my post about my trip to go see Beth last week. Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Friday! Happy Spring!


  1. good - on the post about beth

    ouch - on your thumb

    dannnnng - on obama's mistake

  2. Recently the NBC President announced that they were looking into alternatives for Lipstick Jungle to not cancel it.

    According to what Lindsay Price told E! Online at the M.A.C.Cosmetics Hello Kitty event, Lipstick Jungle may be moving to "Bravo or Lifetime...That's what they're saying...Or they're talking about maybe doing what they did with Friday Night Lights—airing on DirecTV and then later on NBC."



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