Tuesday, March 24, 2009

people watching

During my travels over Spring Break I was in 3 different airports {DFW, D.C., Raleigh/Durham} and I got to do plenty of people watching. I love people watching. It is always fun to see the interactions of people who are traveling and wondering where they are going and why. I also find out some things about myself at airports. Here are some of my airport thoughts, notes about people watching and other random bits.

I saw a young military man dressed in camo.. It gives me chills to think that he was on his way home to his family.

On my flight from DFW to D.C. our pilot was an older male. He had gray hair and was balding but not too gray or balding or old. It was comforting. You could see his wisdom and experience.

and one of the flight attendants on that flight looked just like Jesse Jackson. seriously.

My Tiffany’s bracelet always sets off metal detectors in airports.

As I was sitting at my gate in the D.C. airport (looking at the capitol building and Washington Monument no less) a woman asked (and I use the word “ask” lightly) her husband to get her a Diet Coke. He came back with a Diet Pepsi and she was not happy about it…she let him know it too…very loudly.

Sitting at the gate in Raleigh there was a man I could see who was sitting at a bar enjoying a beer. He was dressed in a suit so I assumed he was a business man. He casually stands up and turns around to look at his gate and realizes that they have already boarded. He quickly runs back to his seat at the bar, downs his beer (he has about ¾ of the beer left) and takes off running towards his gate, Home Alone style.

When I got on the plane for one of my flights one of the first people I noticed was a woman who was already clutching the white complimentary “barf bag.” I sat 3 rows behind her and thankfully I don’t think she used it.

And there may or may not have been a woman sitting in the seats across the aisle from me who may or many not have been breast feeding her 2 year old son who may or may not have asked for "more." The son was able to count to 10, ask the flight attendant for juice, and eat a crunchy granola bar, raisins, pretzels and gold fish. Now, I'm no mommy but is that too old? And she didn't even have a "hooter hider." At the gate before we boarded the plane he was also the kid who was attached to mommy with a child leash. They try and make those things cute by putting an animal head on them.

When traveling alone, do you think it is better to sit in the window or aisle? I had a window seat on all of my flights. And coming home there wasn’t anyone next to me. It was wonderful.

The Sky Mall Magazine…does anyone really buy anything from there? And who comes up with that stuff?

Do you have any fun/random/weird/interesting experiences people watching or traveling?


  1. i fully agree with your stance on breastfeeding toddlers. if they are able to eat solid food, walk, talk - not to mention ASK FOR IT, then they are too old to be breastfeeding. i realize the economy stinks & it would be a money saver...but i say NO.

    i love people watching too! i remember you had been taking notes on people, i should do that too next time i travel in an airport because people do the funniest things when they think nobody is paying attention!

    p.s. i agree on the window seat. i am scared to death to look out the window...but i like having something to lean against when i take a cat nap. =)

  2. OK - I AM a mommy, and I couldn't agree with you more... if a kid can ASK for a boob, they are too old to be having one! And, the "hooter hider" is pretty much a necessity... the mother may not care if anyone sees her boob, but it make other people feel uncomfortable. I nursed 3 kids, and I can promise you, most people never knew what I was doing.


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