Wednesday, March 3, 2010

brief hiatus

i'm having blogger block.

every night i sit down to post and they come out pretty dull and boring. not that i am usually the most exciting blogger, but i try.

so i'm going to take the pressure off of myself and say that i'll be back later.

there is so much going on with life right now that when i get home in the evenings i just want to relax and not do anything.

except spend time with my hubby and play words with friends.

so i'll be back. in the meantime, you can play with me. my words with friends name is LindsayWoods.

ps: yes, if you read lindsay's kitchen you will see a similar post there.

pss: no, i am not pregnant. that's not the exciting thing going on in my life right now and that's not why i have no energy when i get home at night. just clearing the air and avoiding any rumors. :)


  1. Have a good break and don't feel guilty! Do what ya gotta do, girl!

    Can't wait for you to get back, though!


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