Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hello spring!

"Finally some warm weather" were my exact words (I think...maybe not exact) to my husband this morning while we were watching the local weather.

When we moved to South Texas 7 months ago I was really thinking we would be enjoying a relatively warm winter.

At first the thought of not having a winter was sort of sad. But then I realized that it would be nice to not have to deal with the bitter cold. And by bitter cold I mean bitter cold for Texas.

But hello, we've had a cold winter! A "normal" winter in my opinion. We've even had snow.

Not what I was expecting for my first South Texas winter.

This week our highs are in the upper 60s. Even low 70s one day.

I am so excited.

Makes me want to go get a mani/pedi with a pretty pink color and break out my sandals.

I have more really fun things to share with you but I'll wait until a little later.


  1. I enjoy the cold for the simple fact that we may get snow days from work!

    But you're right...warmer weather would be nice. 60's are PERFECT!

  2. Trust me, in 12 years of living in SE TX, I can assure you that we NEVER have winters like this. I'm soaking it up while I can. Once it gets hot it gets miserable...and this year, the thought of being big big prego in August makes me want to run and hide! But, I will admit that I'm ready for knit dresses and sandals---my pants are getting a little snug-ish!

  3. I'm excited about the warm weather too. Oh, and also about your "more really fun things" you will be sharing later!


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