Friday, March 19, 2010

date night

Thursday nights are our date nights. We like Thursday night better than Friday because it is less busy. And Saturday nights are out because they are pretty busy also and we prefer to stay in that night because John likes to be at church early the next morning. We're are the oldest almost 27 year olds we know.

Anyway, we typically always go to the same restaruant on Thursday nights. Wow. Didn't realize how old we really sound. I guess other people see it also. Ha!

It's a fabulous little restaurant here and dang it, I always get the same thing. Grilled salmon with sauteed spinach and grilled asparagus on a bed of garlic mashed potatoes. So yum.

And wow, old again...always getting the same thing.

Anyway again, the point of this post is not about how OLD we sound but how difficult it is to take a "normal" picture with my husband.



all I wanted was a "normal" picture of us smiling. Not too much to ask right?


but apparently my husband likes to keep me on my toes.


it may have also been hard to take a normal picture with my inability to take a centered self portrait with my iPhone


at least we had fun right?


  1. So which fab little restaurant are you referring to? (Promise not to crash your Thurs night dates.)

    John has some Johnston family genes in there somewhere. This is SO MY BOYS! A friend I've worked with for almost 18 years even noticed that every single time I have had pics of the fam to show off...Conner is making a face or doing a totally fake "I'm so excited I'm going to explode!" big smile. Garrett is almost as bad. Oh well! You said it...they are FUN. Fun fun fun. :-)

  2. You guys are too cute! PS - my husband does the same thing with pictures these days! :)

  3. you're only old when the waiters know you both by name! kyle's grandparents are known at quite a few restaurants around austin by name!!

  4. Sounds like fun to me! Not old! :)

  5. Haha, that is too fun! I love the pictures. And the food you listed sounds divine!

  6. You don't sound old to me- we do the same thing but now that we have a baby, we are even less exciting and usually get take-out for date night.


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