Sunday, August 1, 2010

5 year countdown

Wedding Day

I cannot believe we are nearing our 5 year anniversary.

Not because I feel like we were just engaged. That actually feels like forever ago.

It's funny. 5 years ago if you had asked me where we would be in 5 years this is not where.

I would have bet money that we would have had a kid by now. Or at least one on the way.

We are getting close to that point but we aren't quite ready yet.

I would have bet money that we would live closer to family.

We are at least 2 hours from any family. Specifically about 2 1/2 hours from his family and 6 1/2 hours from mine.

I wouldn't change our life at all. I love our life and I love where we are.

Five years ago we worried about guest lists, honeymoon plans, and the fact that we would both be students after we got married. John starting graduate school and me finishing my bachelor's degree.

Now we worry about flood insurance, hurricane season (we are prepared), and house renovations.

Please note I am not complaining. I KNOW that there are bigger things out there and I realize we are so incredibly fortunate.

I wouldn't trade anything we have. I love my husband today more than I did almost 5 years ago when I said "I do."

I didn't think that was possible.

It is a different kind of love. It is stronger because it has been through very hard times.

We have taken so many trips. I absolutely love traveling with John.

I wasn't really sure where this post would go but I guess it has turned into my thoughts on our lives so far.

Stay tuned for more wedding related posts!


  1. have fun celebrating and at the beach!!!!

  2. Love, love, love this post... it is SO true!!

    Life doesn't always go the way you plan it, but sometimes it goes EVEN BETTER than you could have planned!

    And, just a bit of advice... wait as long as you want to before having those kids. This "pre-baby" couple time is SOOOOO important. It just lets you REALLY settle into who you are as a couple and a family before you add the fun (and stress) of a baby. We waited 5 years, and I am very glad we did!! When the baby DOES come, it will be even better!!!

    Miss you guys!!!! Happy Anniversary (a bit early!!)


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