Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gulf Shores: Road Trippin', Storms and a Night on the Beach

Warning: Picture Overload! I took way too many pictures to do just one post on our trip so I'm breaking it up. And even breaking it up there are still TONS of pictures!


The beautiful Gulf Shores beach. The black stuff you see on the beach is not oil. It is seaweed that brushed on shore after a storm. They later came by and cleaned it up!

So let's start with the road trip. John and I LOVE to travel. Any kind too. Planes, trains or automobiles. Although we've never been on a train together. Anyway, we were SO looking forward to the road trip part of this vacation. A time to sing to Garth Brooks at the top of our lungs, play the license plate game (we didnt' but we could have if we wanted to), talk about our house and make plans and goals for our future (remember we celebrated 5 years while we were gone). It was a great trip coming an going!

We left right after church on Sunday and I had an ice chest full of meals, snacks and drinks. We were prepared and were only planning on stopping for gas and potty breaks which were combined. We wanted to get there! And our road trip food is not boring stuff. For lunch we had sushi and dinner was chicken salad and crackers. Yeah baby!

15 minutes into the trip and we are SO ready to get there!

First state line! I think this is about the time we were singing, "Callin' Baton Rouge!"


The mighty Mississippi. This was John's first time to see/cross the Mississippi.
***imagine a state sign of Alabama here. Unfortunately it was too dark by the time we got there to take a picture and I couldn't get one going home b/c we never entered Alabama going home. duh.***


We were so so so happy to finally get there! That night we just relaxed and my lovely sister showed off her new J. Crew hat perfect for beach lounging.


And the guys relaxed.

We were so spoiled while we were there. Whatever we want, whenever we want, however we want was sort of the theme of the week. The best part of each morning was waking up to the sound of waves. And no sound machine can reproduce that.

John brought along his guitar and we were so glad he did. It was so much fun sitting outside each morning or evening and listening to some live music and watching the waves crash. And this morning they were each enjoying their morning beverage of choice: coffee for Whit and of course Dr Pepper for John. This picture was taken about 2 minutes after I spilled my coffee all over myself!

It rained each day we were there but only in the mornings and for about an hour or so. It was so calming and beautiful to watch. I've got some more cool morning storm pictures from another day to show you. Stay tuned.

And I just noticed the water spout in the picture above! We didn't see that one when we were watching the storm live! Probably b/c it is so far off.

**Not pictured b/c I forgot to bring my camera out, but we spent the day at the beach some and the pool some. Relaxing, reading gossip magazines, books and listening to music. Perfect day!

That night after a perfect dinner at the house we all went for a walk on the beach. It was the best evening. And even though the wind did not provide the best environment for pictures, we still tried.

My brother...I love this picture!
IMG_6251 happy to be at the beach!

The guys! Notice the crazy things the wind is doing to Mark's hair!

Beautiful sunset.

Whitney and her hubby, Jonathan. She took the back brace off for this pic.

And while I was snapping photos of those two, John was sneaky and put the back brace on.


During our walk, Mark and John noticed a tiny white crab running along the sand. Of course what do they do...


They got him!

Mark and John, the crab hunters!

To appease his sister, Mark "let" me do his hair. My sister and I were just dying laughing the whole time. It was like we were 8, 6 and 4 again.

More tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like so much fun!! Ahhh...I love the ocean! Your food on the road trip sounds great. :)


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