Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Go to Gulf Shores!

Like I said last week, the first week of August we got the heck outta dodge for a delightfully relaxing time at the beach.

Several months ago, Lady (aka my mom) booked a beach house in Gulf Shores, AL. Little did we know at the time that there would be this huge oil crisis that would stress us out about a trip that was supposed to help us de-stress.


So after several phone calls with the realty company in Gulf Shores and researching other place we could all go we decided to keep Gulf Shores as our destination.

Why? Good question.

The realty company said many times, it is not as bad as the media is portraying it. They actually begged us to still come and even upgraded our house to one with a private pool. Even if (which they assured us it wouldn't) it was bad at the beach we would still have a private pool to hang out in.


And let me just say, it was the best decision to go! Gulf Shores (right now) is cleaner than Galveston or Port Aransas any day!

Media has KILLED the tourism there this summer. It was so empty (which was sort of nice).

BP clean up crews are on the beach constantly and do everything to make sure there isn't a trace of oil to be found. There is not a sheen of oil in the water and it does not smell.

There are so many deals right now also. Do not let the media keep you from going. It is absolutely beautiful right now!

I'll have pictures and a recap from our trip tomorrow. Oh and a t-shirt we saw in a store pretty much sums it up...

"We've been BPeed on!"

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