Thursday, December 16, 2010

Telling Family

Because we live so far away (6-7 hours from my family, 2 hours from John's) and we found out about Baby Woods in October we could not wait to tell our families in person. So we made the phone calls about 30 minutes after John found out.

Here are the reactions we got over the phone...

My mom: The conversation started with her talking about how her phone keeps dropping calls and that she is going to be getting a new iPhone 4 that weekend. So we tell her that this is probably not the call she wants to drop...I'M PREGNANT! After about 2 minutes of a scream, laugh, cry excited noise we were able to talk more about it. It was so fun and John and I were laughing so hard at her reaction.

John's mom: The conversation started out with her telling us about her day and an annoying person that she had to encounter. We told her we had some news to cheer her up. LINDSAY'S PREGNANT! She was shocked and couldn't believe it. Then it was so fun talking about when I found out and when Baby Woods is coming. 

My dad: When we called him he was about to head out the door with a friend to go running. (Yes, my dad is in his 60s and still runs. He's a champ!) I said, well I've got some news so I'll make this quick...I'M PREGNANT! He just laughed and was so excited! It was the most genuine laugh/chuckle and I could hear the excitement in his voice. He immediately told his friend because otherwise, why would he be reacting that way when his daughter called. 

John's dad: This one is great. We called his answer. We found out that he was at an open mic night in Austin. On a Thursday night. Easy to find right? So after telling John's sister we figured out where he could be.
So John calls the place where they think he is. After explaining what is going on (my wife is pregnant and my dad is there and we want to tell him...) John tells the girl that she needs to go up on stage and say, "Spencer your son. He and Lindsay are going to have a baby." or something along those lines. So we get off the phone and wait. John's phone rings and it's the girl again. He's not there! Apparently he was there but he left and went to another place. So we call the other place, do the same thing again, and about 5 minutes later we get a panicked call from John's dad. All they told him there was, "Call your son." So he went from thinking someone had died to his son is going to be a dad! It was very fun.

My sister: We talk on gchat/video chat a lot. So I got on there to see if she was on. Of course she wasn't. So I call her. Of course she doesn't answer. So I call her husband's cell and he answers. I say quickly, Whit called me earlier and I was just returning her call. She gets on the phone and starts rambling on about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I mean she was going on and on about it! Ha! So I say, get on video's more fun to talk that way. As John and I are sitting in front of the computer waiting for her to get on (which by the way, she is still talking and talking on the phone and taking her time getting was so funny) we quickly come up with our plan to tell her. We are holding up the book "What to Expect..." so that is all she can see. After about 3 minutes, she FINALLY gets on there and screams and starts crying. It was so fun to be able to see her reaction.

John's sister: John starts by texting her to see if she can talk. She can so he calls her. She answers and is in a coffee shop (Starbucks? can't remember. doesn't matter.) and isn't talking too loud. John tells her "LINDSAY'S PREGNANT!" She just kept saying, "oh my gosh, oh my gosh" over and over again. She was so surprised and excited. Very fun.

My brother: Mark was thrilled to learn that he was not the last to find out. Poor baby (he's 23) brother feels like he is always the last to find things out. He was at a restaurant/bar with friends playing pool, so I knew that it wouldn't really be a secret but oh well. I told him, "You're going to be an uncle..I'M PREGNANT!" His reaction was so classic Mark. A few curse words but used in complete excitement. It was perfect!

The beautiful flowers from my mom, dad, brother, sister and brother-in-law.


  1. How fun!! So when are you due? I found out I was prego on 10/16/10 & I'm due 6/16/11! Fun to hear your stories!!


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