Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hudson in 3D!

Today we had our 3D/4D ultrasound. We had been SO excited about this for months.


This little boy is already looking SO much like his daddy!



Hudson definitely has John's lips and cheeks.


And it's always good to have some reassurance....



I also had my 30 week appointment today and everything is going perfectly. My doctor was very happy with my blood sugar testing I've been doing and said I only have to test twice a day now instead of 4 times a day. The "diet" I'm on now is controlling the GD which is a huge PRAISE! I'm measuring right on track.

Also...my doctor was named best OBGYN in Victoria which is awesome and makes me feel so great that he is my doctor!

Tonight we have our first childbirth class. I'm excited and also a little nervous.

We are already SO in love with this sweet boy and cannot wait until June.


  1. awe he's so cute:) So glad the GD is under control!

  2. We had our first childbirth class last night too. Surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed it. It was a little intimidating but I definitely feel more confident that I can do this childbirth thing. Well, we don't really have a choice though do we. We still have 3 more sessions, so I have lots more to learn. Hope yours was good too!!

  3. so so exciting!! awesome pictures. i could quite figure out where the peepee was in that picture but i took a guess hahah


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