Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hudson {21 months}

16 teeth puzzles stomping balls blocks giving hugs jumping on the trampoline forward facing The Wheels on the Bus wrestling


nigh nigh, Mama, Dada, ba (ball), ba ba (basketball), all dah (all done), doh (dog), diada (diaper), momey (monkey), namen (amen - after we say prayers...the sweetest thing ever!), bot (boat), ma (milk and more), cheese, buh buh (bye bye), dat (that), dow (down), booh (book), yeah (yes), Emmma (Emma), dis (this while pointing at what he wants), shuh (shoe), truh (truck or train), no, Ya Ya Ya Ya (Yo Gabba Gabba), Ma (Mickey Mouse), gow (cow), bra (zebra), shooose (shoes), ock (sock), this, bur (bird), nake (snake), kai (sky), moo (cow sound), baa (sheep sound), neigh (horse sound), duh (duck), bock (block), Bob (Bob the Builder), [NEW WORDS] arr arr (ruff ruff - in a high pitched voice), olfish (goldfish), nack (snack), ooo ooo truh (choo choo train), tar (star), bork (fork), poon (spoon), bot (bottle), shhhh (with his finger on his mouth), tat (cat), chair, housh (house), ocks (socks), sssss (snake sound), ooo ooo ooo (monkey sound), heeeeey (hey sic 'em bears...he also does this with his arm up and when we ask him what sound a bear makes)

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  1. Oh my word. I can't believe that they are 3 months away from being 2. Don't you think this year has gone by faster than the first??


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