Sunday, March 10, 2013

March :: 10 on 10

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10 pictures on the 10th day of the month! {Document a snapshot of your life & find beauty among the ordinary things in your day!}

My sweet boy is 21 months old today! Holy cow. I am sort of in shock that he is 3 months away from turning 2. 

I got a new coffee creamer (with my husband in mind since Heath bar is his favorite candy) and it is delicious! I had 3 cups this morning. :)

AND I found my hospital cup from Hudson! My cup that I got with Emma broke this week and I had misplaced my cup from Hudson but I found it today. I was a little more excited than I should have been.

We went over to my friend Erin's house for lunch today. And I totally forgot to take a picture. Rix (who is 2 1/2 weeks older than Emma) and Emma were so adorable today and flirting up a storm. When we got home Hudson went straight down for a nap and Emma did lots of playing. Oh and 1 year ago today we found out Miss Emma James was coming our way!

When Hudson got up from his nap he kept putting Sophie on his toes and trying to balance her on there. It was cracking me up! I love this sweet boy and his creative mind.

And of course, we played outside today. Unless it is raining we play outside every single day. Sometimes even if it's raining we're out there. Hudson is his happiest outside.

He kept seeing the "burs" and pointing to and waving at them. 

As soon as Emma went to bed (more on that in a sec) Hudson spent about 45 minutes playing in the bathtub. He LOVES baths right now and I love the semi-break I get while he's in the bath.

Emma was TOTALLY thrown off today from daylight savings time. With the 3 DST we've had before today with Hudson he's always adjusted so well but Emma was completely off her game today. She was in her crib asleep before 7:00 tonight. And now that she's sleeping on her tummy I feel like she sleeps so much better. 

After both kids were in bed I FaceTimed with John. He is in the valley this week on a mission trip with our church. He's been gone since Friday and we miss him SO much!

Happy 10th of the month everyone! :)


  1. Popping over from Rebekah's. Your bathtub/tile looks just like mine! Fun day, cute kiddos. Kelly

  2. I can't wait for our weather to consistently be nice so we can spend some more time outside.

  3. Oh. Drool. Heath bar coffee creamer?! Heath is also my favorite- I will need to find this STAT! Also, my husband is away on a mission trip too this week. He's in Honduras and we've been having daily FaceTime sessions as well!

  4. I had to stop in and tell you how much I can relate to the hospital cup...those are the best. A friend of mine knows my love for them so when she was in the hospital she grabbed an extra one for me (she's OK).


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