Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hudson and Emma's first Easter egg hunt

Our church has an Easter egg hunt every year and this year they started doing it after church on Palm Sunday. Hudson had no idea what an Easter egg was before this but he seemed to get the concept pretty quickly. 

I adore this seersucker suit! It is a hand-me-down from a friend and it is so stinkin' adorable! Hudson was way too busy making sure everything was in his backpack for church to stop and smile for a picture.

But Emma will never turn down an opportunity to cheese it up for the camera. That's my girl.

Hudson and John walking hand in hand. Well, more like the wrist hold since Hudson did not want any part of hand holding. There were too many "balls" to throw.

Hudson quickly got the idea that you are supposed to pick up as many of these plastic eggs as possible and keep them in your basket. 

This mama made the mistake of ordering the large Easter basket from Pottery Barn Kids. Do not make the same mistake. This thing is huge. But Hudson rocked the Easter basket crossbody. 

At some point during the hunt, he realized that these eggs had candy in them. So he had to open every egg upon picking it up to inspect it.

And Miss Emma James got her very first Easter egg. Her first Easter egg hunt was successful.

Despite the as-big-as-he-is basket, Hudson scored at the Easter egg hunt. 

I love my family! Even though my children want nothing to do with this picture.


  1. We have the large Easter basket from PBK too. Hadley could fit inside of it for her first two Easters. Last night, as I was buying her a "small" (and CRAZY cheap) little basket for her school party, I was mad for not thinking through having to 1) fill the large basket every year 2) bring a "small basket" to school and 3) that she would never be able to carry the thing

    That suit is stinkin' adorable! Sweet babies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That suit! Too precious!! I'd love to find a little suit like that:)


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