Monday, March 11, 2013

lately...or a huge photo dump

 Same song different verse. Horrible blogger...blah blah blah. Here's a massive photo dump from the last couple of weeks.

My sweet girl and I after church one Sunday. She is quite the entertainer.
Making silly faces with my boy. I hate how the front camera on the iPhone is such poor quality compared to the back side. 

Hudson hears me say "shhhh" a lot and he has picked up very quickly what it means. We were looking at this book one day and he pointed to the baby in the crib and immediately put his finger {in} his mouth and said, "shhh." Such a sweet boy. Let's also take a minute and look at the randomness of his outfit. Jams, hoodie, and Thomas rain boots. :)

In this house we wear jams and other holiday attire until they are too small. We wear the holiday clothes at home only and not out in public but they make adorable play clothes at home once a holiday has come and gone. Here is Emma James sporting Christmas jams in February.

Emma is such a wiggle worm lately. She tries to "stand up" or sit forward in her bouncy seat. I think she is pretty close to sitting on her own. those baby legs!

On bad nap days we go and visit John at work. We always come with a Dr Pepper and Hudson loves the time in his office mostly because the cabinets aren't child locked and there is a guitar and piano to play with.

Last week I decided to start weaning Emma from her swaddle. She is 4 1/2 months old and rolling over so I figured it was time. At that point she hadn't rolled over in her swaddle yet so we were going slowly. It didn't go well so I fully swaddled her that night and she rolled over in her sleep at 3:00AM. We dropped the swaddle cold turkey in the middle of the night and it has taken a few days to adjust but she's sleeping great now.

We had a pretty busy day one day last week running lots of errands. In our small town I rarely go to more than 3 places at a time with both kids. And if I go to 3 places it is usually the grocery store, bank drive thru, and dry cleaners drive thru. Easy errands. But this day I had several in and out places to go to...Target, the mall, the grocery store, plus a drive thru at the bank and of course, Starbucks. The kids did so great but from the bank to the mall they both fell asleep in their car seats. I wasn't surprised by Emma since it was her nap time but it was 10:00AM, almost 3 hours before Hudson's nap time.

And poor Emma's bow always ends up over her eyes if I forgot to take it off in her car seat. She has figured out how to wiggle her head to make it come off. She was actually asleep under the bow.

Having 2 kids under 2 isn't the easiest. There are definitely days when I feel like they are both so needy all day long and I can't be everything they need to both of them when they need me. But then I look down and see this and my heart completely melts. 

Hudson decided that Emma's blanket made a perfect cape. You should have seen the way he was walking around and looking behind him to see if it was waving.

Here is a perfect picture of showing Emma trying to sit up. She will lean forward as far as she can. This time she fell asleep doing it.

We had a few days last week where Hudson and I were both under the weather. I hate it when he is sick but I got a few extra snuggles. Thankfully for both of us it was just allergies and we are feeling much better now.

We got the jumperoo down from the attic for Emma and she LOVES it. Her poor feet can't reach the floor yet. And after I took this picture I realized it wasn't on the lowest setting so I lowered it. She still can't reach. :)

Anytime we bring out a "new" toy for Emma that Hudson played with as a baby he becomes so interested in it. I'm not sure if he remembers it (I doubt it) or if it's just something new to play with. 

Some days it's just not worth the battle to finish putting clothes on before he goes and plays in the backyard. 

Phew! As usual...we are staying busy but not doing a whole lot. I love our life right now though and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

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  1. love all of those even if i've seen most on inst ;)

    you can put a pillow under emma's feet if you want her to be able to touch.


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