Friday, April 26, 2013

Arbonne {Giveaway}

I am very excited to be hosting this giveaway for y'all today! Paige is an Arbonne Independent Consultant and is giving away a Makeup Primer. For a few years in college, I was an Arbonne Independent Consultant and know first hand what an wonderful company Arbonne is. In Paige's words, here is what Arbonne means to her and what the company has to offer.

In hopes of providing an income to my family all while being home to enjoy the younger years that my children are in, I prayed for a company. A company that could change my life, and make me feel successful as well as one that shared products that are great and could truly speak for themselves. After many prayers and many nights of wondering if I was going in the right direction, a family friend contacted me saying that I had been on her heart lately. Wow. My why was quickly found as I sat listening to a presentation. This is my business, the one that is going to take my family places, and is spreading across our nation rapidly.

Arbonne is a 33 year old company that obtains a Swiss Heritage. We are skin care along with a health/wellness company that provides all natural products. We range from products of the ABC baby care line, FCS oily/combination skin care line, RE9 Anti-aging, Cosmetics, Daily Essentails in our health and wellness, Before Skin care as well as after, 30 Days to Fit kit, Clear Advantage Acne Line and so much more. Not only do the products speak for themselves but so does the Arbonne Opportunity. Some of my favorite products are the Clear Advantage Acne Face Wash and the Cosmetics Makeup Primer. The Primer is truly one of a kind and is what I will be giving to ONE of you lucky ladies!

Arbonne Cosmetics Makeup Primer: Helps deminish fine lines, keeps makeup on and helps blend in. Truly this primer makes your skin feel like silk and will last all day. Everyone that I have let sample my product has been astonished with how smooth your skin is after one simple application. Not to worry, you only need a very small amount to cover your face - this applies to all Arbonne products, as they smooth out very generously. {$38 value, plus taxes and shipping}

As an Independent Consultant with Arbonne you remarkably make 35%. Within no time your precentages increase with each management level that you hit. I have been with Arbonne for two months and have hit several goals along with recieving two gifts already. Incredible. This company is truly one that makes you feel apperciated for the hours that you put in. But just a reminder each hour that you and your team put in, all comes to you! This is network marketing ladies, and is the future! Over 82% of women that make over $100,000 a year are in Network Marketing! The time is right, the products and marketplace demand is right {of course everyone that you know has skin and hair, right? - Okay then, this is the time to make this happen!}

If you decide to only be a client with Arbonne then, there are ways to save too! It only costs $20 to become a preferred client and get 20% off of your orders. Also right now if you place a $250 order, you can get $125 worth of products for only $25 - What a great deal!

Please email me with any questions that you may have on products or the great opportunity that stands before you or visit my Facebook page!

Arbonne is in the UK and Austrilia, with it soon to be making it's way into other countries as well. 

To enter the giveaway, simply use the Rafflecopter below!a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I love that Arbonne doesn't use ANY animal byproducts...ick!

  2. I used their vitamin packs for women through college and loved the way they made me feel "healthier"

  3. they used to have a bronzer I really liked

  4. I sold it once too.. and actually love the product.. their tanner is fabulous and I still use some of their skin care line. Id love to try the primer! Congrats on your new business Paige

  5. I haven't tried any Arbonne products before...but would love to!


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