Saturday, April 20, 2013

Emma :: 6 months old

Dear Emma James,

You are 6 months old baby girl! 1/2 way to 1...OH my word! You are such a joy and we are just crazy about you. You are really starting to develop such a fun and sweet personality. Like every month, this has just been a great month with you!

You are sitting up! You started sitting up on your own a few days after your turned 5 months old. This has changed the way you play and the way Hudson interacts with you! I love watching you two start to play together. You smile SO big when he is around. I can't wait to see y'all's relationship continue to grow. I also know the day of y'all fighting over toys is coming too. Not looking forward to that part!

Your favorite toy right now is the small Sophie teether. You like it so much more than the big one. You will go to town on that thing. I keep thinking you are so close to getting your first tooth but I can't even see anything under the surface yet. But I'm in NO hurry for those teeth to come through.

You are also no where close to crawling! By this point Hudson was scooting and getting up into crawling position and you are just content sitting or laying on your tummy. You do lots of rolling but I don't think you will be as mobile as quickly as your brother was. Again...I'm okay with that! You are SUCH a happy and content baby.

We still haven't started you on solids yet. Your doctor said we could wait a few more weeks and that's our plan right now. You are doing great with just nursing and don't seem interested in our food yet. But once we start on solids we are going the Baby Led Weaning approach. I'm excited to go this route with you and not have to mess with rice cereal or baby food. You are like me in so many ways so I'm sure as soon as we give you your first piece of food you will quickly become a food lover.

Your schedule changed for a few weeks this month and last week we went back to how it's been. So you're still taking 2 1/2 to 3 naps a day. Usually 2 good naps and 1 short nap. You are nursing every 3 hours at 7, 10, 1, 4, and 7. Those are all give or take 30 minutes. You are sleeping good at night. Sometimes you will wake up around 4:00 wanting your paci so I can just give it to you and pat your back and you will go back to sleep. I'll be glad when you can find the paci yourself and not need me for that part.

You are becoming quite the chatter box and it's so fun to listen to you talk and find your voice. I love making the sounds that you make and then hearing you make them back to me. I can't wait to have real conversations with you some day! 

You have started to enjoy tv! Your favorites are Mickey Mouse and Dora the Explorer. Unfortunately your brother gets to decide what you watch since he has more of an opinion but you are so laid back that you will watch and be happy with just about whatever is going on.

Emma James, this has been such a fun month with you. We love watching you grow, learn and develop. Your daddy and I are just smitten with you and so is your big brother. I seriously can't believe that you are 1/2 way to a year. This has gone by way too fast!


::6 month stats::
weight: 15 pounds 7 ounces
height: 25 1/4 inches
eating: nursing every 3 hours at 7:00, 10:00, 1:00, 4:00, 7:00
clothes: 3-6 month, 6 month
diaper: size 2

Look how you've changed!

Hudson at 6 months and Emma at 6 months...


  1. 1. She has changed a ton since 5 months

    2. She looks like a little John!

  2. Oh my goodness, she is just a squishy little ball of cuteness. She looks bigger than Hudson in the comparison picture, but isn't she smaller??

  3. Hi! You don't know me, but I randomly came across your blog. Our kids are pretty close in age. I have a 22 month old little boy and a 5 week old little girl. Anyway, you have super cute kids and they wear some of the cutest outfits! I especially love the outfit Emma has on in this blog post.


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