Tuesday, April 21, 2009

over the years

I've been in the process of transferring all of my files/pictures/documents/etc. from my desktop to my laptop. It's a process I should have done a long time ago..I have been operating off of 2 computers for about a year and a half now. It's a pain and I think that is why I've put off transferring all of my stuff for so long. Ugh!

But...It's been fun going through old pictures. Pictures I had forgotten about. Pictures I love.

Here are a few oldies but goodies.

Lindsay & John
March 2003 - We had only been dating about a month here. This was at John's mom's surprise 50th in Austin.

Phi Kappa Chi Formal 2003
May 2003 - Phi Chi formal in Dallas.

October 2003 - I love this picture. These are our good friends, The Eppers, and they had been dating about a year and John and I about 8 months.

Homecoming 2003
November 2003 - Baylor Homecoming..acting silly. We did/do that a lot!

Note: I'm not sure where pictures from 2004 are...

The Oasis
March 2005 - The Oasis in Austin

Lindsay & John
Spring 2005 - In The Woodlands at Sean and Ashley's shower. I can't remember what month this was!

Honeymoon in NY
August 2005 - Honeymoon in NY. This was taken in Little Italy.

August 6, 2005 - Our wedding day!

Wow..I just realized in that last picture I look like I have 1 leg! Someone is holding my train behind me and we were running back down the aisle. I've always loved this picture and just noticed that! Ha!


  1. i LOVE the pics!!

    and for the record, i don't think you look like a peg-leg hobbling down the aisle. you look fabulous in that picture. a happy picture from a happy day!

  2. Lindsay, your hair looks gorgeous in EVERY picture!!

  3. I feel so privileged to have been noted twice (seriously)! I loved looking at these!!! Oh my gosh, first off my hair...ha, thought it was so cute..ugh! And Sean was TINY!!! Haha! Blast from the past! Love you so glad we have been friends for so long! Truly blessed by your friendship!


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