Wednesday, April 22, 2009

friday's coming..



Friday at 9:30 am.


Friday at 9:30 am John will start his comprehensive oral exam.


Oh my goodness. My incredible husband has been studying his little tush off for months for this. He spends every spare moment studying and reading and and going through flash cards and going over old papers and listening to music history podcasts. The man is studying like I've never seen anyone study.


He converted our dining room into a study cave. Furniture out, butcher paper in. The pictures are off the walls and they are now covered with butcher paper. The butcher paper is covered with charts.


If you think about it, be praying for John this week. And pray Friday at 9:30 am.


If you can't tell in the picture, the bottom half of the wall-o-butcher paper is layered. There's more underneath!

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  1. Good luck, John! Don't sweat it... seriously, you are ready!! I remember taking my comps, and I was a nervous wreck, but I did fine, and you will, too. I'll be praying!!


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