Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I’ve had a pet fish at work for about a year now. His name is Wader (think waiter but with a “d”). He is named after our old director who had the idea to get a fish in the first place.

Yesterday, I cleaned out his bowl like I always do. Added fresh water. Put in a couple drops of the water conditioner and waited the appropriate amount of time before I put Wader back in his bowl.

He didn’t like the fresh water.

Towards the end of the day yesterday he started to act weird. He was floating but after lots of tapping on the bowl he would swim really fast and then float again. We all thought he was about to die.

When I got to work this morning he was dead. Yesterday he was very bright blue and purple. Today he was sort of gray. Poor guy.

We just flushed him in the women’s restroom here in the SUB.

RIP Wader.

The ironic thing is last week we were laughing over this precious video.


  1. So sorry about Wader...I think Wader Jr should be added to your office!!!


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