Monday, April 20, 2009

black heels to tractor wheels

I know several of you out there in Blogland love Pioneer Woman. I love her too.

Her recipes are so mouth watering and I have dared to try a few. {I use the word dare because one could easily gain at least 5 pounds with her recipes.}

What I have tried has been fabulous. I'm sure everything she makes is.

One of the reasons she cooks the way she does is because she is feeding 4 kids and a cowboy. Marlboro Man. I love that she has lovingly named her husband Marlboro Man.

A couple years ago she started writing the love story of her and Marlboro Man and it is like a book that I "can't put down."

Have you read her love stories about Marlboro Man? If you haven't you should start. Now.

Here, I'll even make it easier for you. Click on the picture to take you there!


  1. i read their whole story in one day! couldn't stop reading!

  2. I've made several of her recipes and they are sinful. I made the cinnamon rolls, the breakfast puffs, her flank steak, mystery bites, and on....LOVE them all. I bake them, eat a little of one, then send them to work with my husband!

  3. OK - I love PW, too... I also love Black Heels!!!! I've read it all!!


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