Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hudson's First Trip to Dallas

I'm trying so hard to get caught up on blogging! I'm the stupid person who thought that I would have tons of free time to blog, read blogs and do everything around my house once I became a stay-at-home mom. You can all laugh now. ;)

The last week in July, John had another conference in Dallas so once again Hudson and I tagged along. It would be a perfect opportunity to spend time with my family in McKinney. 

On our way we made a stop in Huntsville to visit the Broaddus Family

Hudson and Patrick...

Hudson and Ethan's first time playing together. I can't remember how Hudson ended up in just a diaper?

While we were in Huntsville (which unfortunately was less than 24 hours) Hudson's allergies got really bad. The poor guy could not breathe which made for a very long night for John and I. Hudson would fall asleep and then about 10 minutes later wake up crying because he was so congested. John stood in the shower with him so the steam could break everything up then we were using Ethan's bulb syringe to get everything out. It was our worst parenting night because there wasn't much we could do to help him. We got maybe 3 hours of sleep that night. Maybe.

We got to McKinney and Hudson immediately got loving from his Aunt Whit!

Papa Jim lovin'!

Uncle Jonathan

Hudson's first time meeting his Uncle Mark and Aunt Betsy. They had just gotten back from a trip to the Dominican Republic and met him for the first time around midnight.

Like I said, Hudson was crazy congested while we were gone. Thankfully things started to get better in McKinney but not normal. I left our "booger sucker" from the hospital at home. (I now know to ALWAYS travel with it!) I tried to buy one at CVS but it was horrible. It did not work at all. So I did what any desperate new mom would do. I went to a hospital. Found the children's wing and begged for one of theirs. Thankfully after talking to 6 people I got one.

Hudson and his Lady

With Aunt Betsy

Hudson and Uncle Mark. These 2 had an instant bond that melted my heart! I can't wait for Mark to teach Hudson how to drum. He's an incredible drummer!

We had a wonderful time visiting all of my family while we were in the Dallas area. As always, the trip was way too fast but Hudson got lots of loving. :)


  1. Totally know what you mean about thinking I would have more time to do stuff!! And I love that you went to the hospital to get the nose thing. :) He's adorable!

  2. You need to get a Nose Frieda. Seriously. It is absolutely amazing. Best thing I've bought. It looks gross, but you've got to check it out. It is amazing.


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