Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Recap!

We had a pretty low key-relaxing-uneventful weekend but a few things were fun that I want to remember.

Friday (John's day off) I {finally} finished writing thank you notes. I am now done (PRAISE THE LORD) and they are in the mailbox today ready to go out.

Hudson gave us lots of precious smiles all weekend long!

John worked out in the yard and then had to be at church Friday night for an event. When he got home he and Hudson had some special cuddle time on the couch. (Notice the stacks of his birth announcements on the table...those are going out this week!)

Hudson has been moving around so much in his crib lately. The past 3 mornings he has not been in the same spot where we laid him down.

He also somehow got his arms out of the SwaddleMe blanket this weekend.

Yesterday was Hudson's first Sunday in the nursery at church. It was our 4th time going to church and he has always slept through everything which is wonderful. But last Sunday he was just a little to noisy (tooting and snoring) while he slept. I also was able to concentrate more during the service so it was great for both of us.

I just LOVE his little outfit that John's cousin gave him.

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