Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hudson's First Trip to the Promise Land

The Promise Land = Waco of course. ;)

Last month (I can't believe it's been a month already!) we went to Waco. It was Hudson's first road trip when he was only 5 weeks old. John had a conference to attend at Baylor so Hudson and I tagged along. I was so excited to have some extended time in Waco and take Hudson to see our beloved Baylor for the first time,

Ready for his 1st road trip! He did so great.

After a nursing stop Hudson got to "drive" for the first time. Also, please ignore the missing leather from the center console. And the hospital cup. Yes, my baby is 9 1/2 weeks old and I still use it.

First time in the pack & play. It was also his first time sleeping in the same room as us. We all did good but much better when he is in his own room!

Meeting Ben...one of our good friends from Waco.

Meeting Dr. Terry York, one of John's professors while he was in seminary and grad school. Hudson spit up on him and John was so thankful that he had already graduated!

Meeting Hannah...I used to baby sit her and her brother and now she is going to be a senior in h.s. this year!

One night we met our very dear friends the Johnsons and Mark Giles for dinner at Chuy's. Unfortunately Carla couldn't make it.

Getting some Dinah love!

We got to meet Candace, Maddox, Patsy and Kendall for dinner at Raising Cane's. Maddox loved Hudson!

Dinner at Keith and Kerry's house. It was great to be able to share our experiences with Hudson and Addilyn and know that other parents go through the same things we are.

First time meeting the bears and on campus!

On our way home we stopped in Georgetown to have a late lunch/early dinner with John's sister Sara.

We absolutely love Waco and going back to Baylor and this time was so special getting to bring Hudson for the first time. We can't wait to go back for Homecoming in the fall!


  1. I stil use my hospital cup too!! It keeps it so cold and it doesn't sweat.

    I couldn't see alot of your picture. It says that they aren't available. I used to have that problem all the time when I uploaded through flickr. Do you know how to get big pics without uploading through flickr?

  2. Totally obsessed with my hospital mugs... have 3 of them. I'll probably use them forever! :) Hudson is precious.

  3. awww - love the pics!! :)
    miss yall!!


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