Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Love!

I'm finally participating in What I'm Loving Wednesday again! Link up here!

I'm LOVING my new shampoo and conditioner. 

My hair dresser told me about Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner and it's amazing. It smells awesome and leaves my hair feeling great!

I'm LOVING these curtains. 
I'm about to order them from World Market for our master bedroom. I love the colors and think they will add some much needed color to that room.

I'm LOVING my Home Organization Notebook!

Blue-Eyed Bride recently shared her notebook and inspired me to create one also. I finished it yesterday and I'm already feeling so much more organized and like I know what I need to do when. Now I really can't wait for my Erin Condren Life Planner to get here!

I'm LOVING that Hudson is getting so close to sleeping through the night

I snapped these during nap time yesterday afternoon and I may or may not have moved his crib to get the perfect angle. ;)

He had 2 nights in a row Saturday and Sunday night. For the last month when he does wake up around 3am he doesn't need to be nursed anymore which I LOVE. He usually just needs to be soothed and then can fall asleep. He's waking up out of habit so we are working on getting through that. 

My almost 3 month old is also 14 pounds now! That makes me so proud! :)

And of course, I'm LOVING these 2 guys. They are my life!


  1. Stopping by from Jamie's WILW....I love your fitted crib sheet. Your son is a cutie! My little guy just turned 3 months old on Friday! Being a mom is the best.

    Have a great Wednesday!

  2. I'm loving the sweet pictures of your little man sleeping! Reminds me of when my little guy was that small...isn't swaddling the best? Have a happy Wednesday!

  3. we have that same mobile and pearson loves it!!

  4. That last pic....the one of the, love, love!! Maddox started kinder today. Savor every second'll happen before you know it!! :)

  5. Oh my goodness!! Hudson is such a little cutie!!! Love all those pics girl!!! ;)

  6. I need to look into that home organization notebook!

    Hudson's smile is too sweet!!


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