Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter 2012

Yep...I'm a little behind. This little bambino in my belly has taken over nap time which was when I usually blogged. I'm determined to get caught up though.

I made my yummy coconut cupcakes for Easter weekend and added some festive Cadburry Mini Eggs. 

John's dad and stepmom were able to come for the weekend and Hudson had so much fun playing with his Pop Pop. 

We love the weekends grandparents come in town because we usually get a date night! John and I went to a late showing of The Hunger Games. Loved it!

Hudson was mad Easter morning. I had already fought him to try and get his new shoes on which he never wore. It just wouldn't happen. 

But after church and brunch he took a wonderful nap and was happy to explore his Easter basket.

I just LOVED his Easter outfit! 

Pointing the remote at the tv.

check out that lovely drool. :)

We had a wonderful 1st Easter with Hudson! I can't believe next year we will have a 22 month old and a 5 month old!!!


  1. Hudson could not be any cuter!!

  2. so cute! Adelyn is quite drooly like that these days too.

    And his outfit is adorable...oh and Adelyn won't wear shoes either! She curls her toes around and I just can't get them on. I'm hoping this turns around soon! ;)

  3. That is just crazy talk that you are going to have 2 babies next easter. I still can't get over that!!

  4. Those cupcakes look yummy..

    Hudson is just too cute.. I love his little outfit.. When he is mad his little face is just pitiful, breaks my heart.. :)


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