Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hudson :: 10 Months Old

Dear Sweet Hudson Spencer,

You are 10 MONTHS OLD!!!! What? How are we less than 2 months from your 1st birthday? Everyone told us over and over again that it flies by but oh my word. I can't believe I'm about to have a 1 year old! Your 10 month photo shoot was very different this month. I only got a few of you actually sitting down. The rest...you are all over the chair!

You are into everything. You crawl so fast and you have even taken 3 steps on your own! You haven't done it yet but you think about it. You will stand in one place and think so hard about taking a step. You can stand on your own for almost a minute. You are getting so big and you seem more like a toddler than a baby some days!

You love any toy that you can push across the room. You are getting so fast at walking with a push toy that sometimes you almost run! If only our house didn't have any walls you would never stop walking with your toys!

You wave constantly now! You wave when you see people on tv, when Oliver comes running toward you and you love all the people at the grocery store. You can clap but you just don't do it often.

You still love things that are "no-no's" like the laundry room (with Oliver's food and water bowls), the dishwasher (when it's open), the toilets, trash cans and pulling clothes out of your drawers.

You have 5 teeth but I can see your 6th one about to pop through the skin. It hasn't seemed to bother you though which I'm so thankful for!

You love banging on anything...specifically tables. Our coffee tables and 2 of our end tables have nothing on them anymore because you love to bang on them and pull anything off of them. You also love pushing a toy on the ground around the house while you are crawling. It really doesn't matter what it is actually...you will do this with your clothes that you pull out of your drawers too. It started with cars but has moved to anything. I guess you are all boy and turning anything into a car!

This month you have become very attached to me. It's been sweet and hard at the same time. You always cry when I drop you off in the nursery at church which breaks my heart. I usually stay by the door and you stop crying in less than a minute. But once all the mommies and daddies start picking the other babies up you cry when they won't take you also. :)

You have started fake laughing when you hear others laugh and you also have a fake cough. It is so funny and you will mimic us when we do that.

You are still babbling all the time. You haven't said any actual words yet but you "talk" all the time. You also became such a giggle box this month. It is SO easy to get you to laugh now! And once you get going you can't stop. It's the sweetest sound ever.

You are still on pretty much the same schedule. You sleep from 7pm-7am and take a morning nap from about 9-10 and an afternoon nap from 1-3. You eat breakfast at 8, lunch around 11:30-12 and dinner at 5:30. You are still nursing at 7, 11, 3, and 7.

You eat 3 meals a day with 2 snacks. You are eating 100% table food now. Your favorites are waffles, tomatoes, bananas, saltines, cheerios, nutrigrain bars, cheese, grilled cheese, quesadillas, pasta, pears, and pineapple. You love just about anything we put in front of you!

You still love to be outside. We had a picnic this month and you loved eating your lunch outside. You got to slide by yourself for the first time. You weren't too sure what to think about it!

You have become a little guy! It's such a weird adjustment to hear people ask how old you are and then to hear them say you are small! You were such a big baby for several months and now you just burn calories all day long. Your clothes from 5 months ago still fit! Ha!

Hudson, we are absolutely crazy about you and love you more everyday. We are so humbled that God has blessed us with you and thank Him every day for you. We love you so SO much!


::10 month stats::
weight: 20 pounds 6 ounces
height: 29 1/2 inches
eating: nursing at 7, 11, 3, 7. meals at 8, 11:30, 5:30.
clothes: size 6-12 and 12 month
diaper: size 3

Look how you've changed!


  1. He is so cute, Lindsay!! Have loved seeing him each month.. I can't believe him and Chelsi are so close to a year old. I'm not impressed with them aging. Ha :)

  2. Pearson is now the opposite of Hudson. He claps all the time but will not wave. ha! I can't believe how much he is moving. I saw his little video of his steps today. Crazy!! Like most everything else, Pearson is usually just a few weeks behind Hudson on everything. So I'm sure he'll be walking before we know it!!

  3. I love your first picture of Pearson...his face is just precious!! You sure do have a busy boy on your hands!! I love how you said he loves everyone at the grocery store. Adelyn will only wave at people who talk to her! Just can't get over that he's 10 months...and we're aren't too far behind!!


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