Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Guys Night Out

Last week John got home from work and scooped Hudson up and they went out for a guys night. I was so grateful for a couple hours at home by myself before I left for bible study. John had been so busy the last couple of weeks that I hadn't had much of a break with Hudson so it was very much needed!

They went to the nursery to get some things for the yard and then to dinner at Jason's Deli. Hudson had peas and a grilled cheese. 

And I gotta admit...I'm happy John got to experience eating out with Hudson by himself. He realized that it is a little difficult especially at a place like Jason's Deli. He realized he forgot drinks after they were already sitting down eating so he had to get Hudson up and take him over to get the drinks and the whole way back Hudson had his hand in John's iced tea. :)


  1. I laughed about John's little drink experience. Is it bad that I am secretly a little happy when Pearson is not perfect when Daddy is around? The other day Matt kept Pearson while I got a massage and he was in to everything and would not take a nap. I think it helped him see that I don't just sit at home and watch TV and read blogs all day. It's a full time job being a Mommy!!!

  2. I know just what you mean. I'm home with Eli every day and take him everywhere - I don't think Peter has had him out running errands, eating, etc. alone yet! Maybe it's time to send these boys on an adventure :)

  3. I"m sure John had his eyes opened after that. Ha It's hard eating out when there is only one adult with a small child.. Seems though he handled it well.

    Jon got a real eye opener when Gregory was born on what it's like with a baby. He was deployed when Nikolas was a baby.. Even now if he watches them while I run to the doctor he meets me at the door going how do you do it. Ha


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