Thursday, May 17, 2012

iPhone Rewind {March & April}

Here is a major picture overload from my iPhone during March and April.

Hudson loves watching the mail man. Really any truck that drives by excites him. The boy loves his cars!

Charlie the Ranch Dog from Aunt Whitney.

Sweet Oliver asleep in the blanket basket.

Chewing on his rattle from Pop Pop!

Cute St. Patty's day shirt with his Toms.

The only way he was happy at Target.

Wooden spoons make some of the best toys.

I love LOVE when he sleeps like this. So sweet and peaceful.

Oliver again...he doesn't get much time on the blog anymore.

Crawling over the barstool legs.

So happy after his naps!

Completely out.

Hudson and his sweet friend Liam looking outside.

During nursery duty one Sunday these two cousins put themselves in the shelves of the play kitchen. I later found out on one of my other days in the nursery that they do this every time!

Busted jams!

The days that he takes a nap in the nursery are wonderful. I am always excited to see him sleeping when I go check on him between Sunday school and the worship service.

Love his sweet smile!

Enjoying spaghetti and meatballs...messy but so good.

First time with corn on the cob. He loved it even though he didn't properly know how to eat it.

A little role reversal.

Turned around for 2 seconds and he emptied the saltines.

Sweet happy boy.

Someone loves the hospital mug as much as me!

I love this outfit!

"Helping" me with laundry.

His daily activity of emptying his drawers.

One morning when we got home from the grocery store the trash man was picking up some tree trimmings and Hudson was mesmerized. It made unloading the car much easier because I could leave him in his seat happy!

This was taken the day after we quit nursing. Hudson had bad allergies and was fussy and actually cuddled with me which he never does. This was the only time after we stopped nursing that I thought he might be missing it.

Enjoying his bottle on the floor.

He LOVES his bee from Papa Jim. Before he started walking he moved so fast with this thing!

We shared a bowl of fresh pineapple one afternoon.

A typical Hudson meal...turkey dog and mixed veggies. He loves them!

Precious boy after breakfast.

One of his first days walking...still a little wobbly!

Watching John build a new table and benches for the back patio.

Filling his bucket with toys.

Managed to break open the drawer (even with a child lock).

Nasty...took a picture then washed his hands!

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  1. The pic of H snoozing with his bum in the air has got to be the cutest thing I've seen in a LONG time! The finger sucking one is a close second...


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