Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ironman Texas 2012

This weekend Hudson and I traveled up to The Woodlands for Ironman Texas to watch my older brother, Scott, compete. We got there Friday and enjoyed spending time with all of my dad's side of the family. My cousin's husband was also competing so it was like a mini family reunion. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures on Friday. We spent time with family, had lunch together, and dinner that night. 

We woke up at 5:00 on Saturday morning to get out to the swim start. My sister and I stayed with a life long family friend so we went out there together. When we woke Hudson up he was so excited to be up that early. It was still dark when we got to the swim start. It was 5:30 am!

By 6:15 swimmers were starting to get in the water to get used to the temperature. The announcer guy said the water was 81 degrees. 

Hudson had a fun morning with Papa Jim!

There was a helicopter that kept flying over that he LOVED! 

If you look closely at this picture above there is a big wave in the water...those are the pros who got a 10 minute head start. All of the other swimmers started at 7:00.

This was the bike transition area. When they got out of the water down by the white tent they got their helmets, shoes and bikes and ran with them until they were able to start riding.

After they got on their bikes, we went back to the Campbell's house so Hudson could take his morning nap. After his nap he was excited to find the tupperware drawer!

We took a quick swim before his afternoon nap. He was waving at all the trees.

Hudson LOVES the pool!

After his afternoon nap we went back out to the race area. We were in traffic on the way there because of the bike course. We happened to see the last biker being followed by the sheriff.

Where we were waiting to watch Scott run by there was a splash pad that Hudson loved!

He just ran through the water like one of the big kids.

I really wish our town had one of these. Such a fun summer activity!

My nephew, Topher, with his dad's post-race treats!

The guy running is from Germany and he was holding Germany's flag over his head as he went through the finish. So very cool.

Here comes Scott for the finish line!

And there he goes to make the u-turn and come back towards the finish.

Almost done!

His goal was to finish in under 12 hours. He finished in 10 hours, 58 minutes and 52 seconds!

Sweet Topher was exhausted.

Scott getting congratulations from his family.

Hudson was happy eating all of Aunt Whit's Pirate's Booty the whole time!

Hudson and I with the two time Ironman!

A sweet family picture.

Papa Jim with all of his grand kids. Poor Ellie was so tired.

We had the best weekend and I'm so glad Hudson and I were able to go support Scott. John was so disappointed he wasn't able to come. 

Did I mention that he swam for 2.4 miles, biked 112 miles, and then ran 26.2 miles? In Texas. In May. 


  1. Wow! I am impressed what a awesome thing he can say he did. Impressive for sure!! Congrats to your brother for doing it twice and beating his goal he set this time..

    Love Hudson in the picture with his cousins and your Dad. It's like he is looking at Ellie like what's going on why are you crying. ;) Ha

    Love the picture of Hudson, your brother and you.. :)

  2. Unbelievable. I seriously don't know how people do that. What a neat accomplishment!! Looked like a fun day!!

  3. I have nothing but ultimate respect for all those Tx Ironman-ers! What an incredible accomplishment!

  4. WE were there, too! Amazing, isn't it??


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