Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What we've been up to

It's been over a week since I posted! We've just been living life and loving every second with our sweet boy. He will be 1 in a little over a week! I just can't believe it!

Last week he got his first big boo boo. He and John had just gotten back from going out to dinner and he was walking down the driveway. He got going too fast and went down on his forehead. John said he cried for less than 30 seconds and then was ready to play some more. He texted me this picture while I was at Bible study. :(

Here it is the next morning. He still has a small scab but it's so much better. 

Some sweet friends from church went out of town for a week and let us pick their tomatoes. This was 2 days worth! We've been eating lots of tomatoes around here! (there are also some on top of the bar)

Hudson looking so cute and festive in his star overalls on Memorial Day.

Hudson has FINALLY mastered clapping! He had done it once or twice a few months ago but never kept doing it. Last week he randomly started clapping and pretty much hasn't stopped since. :)

We are spending LOTS of time out in the backyard. Hudson is SO happy back there so it's a really easy activity. If the sprinklers aren't on he will just walk around for a good hour exploring. If the sprinklers are on he has fun trying to stop them.


  1. Oh my his poor little head.. Hudson and Aiden have had a ruff month with this concrete.. Glad to hear it's healing nicely..

    Wow that is a lot of tomato's. My Daddy would of been in heaven with all those. He loves tomato's. What a nice gesture of your friends to let you pick them while they were out of town.

    I LOVE Hudson's red & star overalls. ADORABLE

    Glad y'all are enjoying the weather and the outside. It has rained a lot up here. The boys are over it.. Chelsi is delighted she doesn't have to go outside and sweat. LOL

  2. poor Hudson...sounds like he was a tough boy though!

    the sprinkler pictures just cracks me up! {reminds me of my newphew...all boy!}

  3. Do ya'll not have water restrictions. We can only water on Friday morning so we have got to play in our soon!! I love the last picture. When are you having his birthday party?


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