Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Years Eve and Day

This year would have been mine and John's 10th New Year's Eve to spend together but he was in Alabama at a wedding. This was our first one since we've been dating that we weren't together. Oh well. :) I had a pretty yummy feast that I got to share with my mom!

We had spanokopita cups, roasted red pepper cheesecake, manchego cheese stuffed dates wrapped in bacon, and cranberry brie bites. Yum! I'll share the recipes later.

Even though we were really missing John I am so thankful and blessed that I got to start my New Year with these 2 littles.

Getting a "perfect" picture of them together is SO rare these days but the ones I do get perfectly capture life with two kids under 2. 

their shirts are {of course} by Pumpkin Butter Kids

Uncle Mark and Aunt Betsy came by on New Year's Day to visit with us. Hudson and Uncle Mark enjoyed watching some Bob the Builder together on Hudson's iPad.

And Aunt Betsy and I are starting Emma off right by watching the Beverly Hills, 90210 marathon that was on. :)

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  1. Does Hudson have his own iPad? I'm not nice enough to share mine with Pearson yet! Ha!!


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