Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

John's mom came to Birmingham for Christmas this year. We had so much fun with Susu while she was here. On Christmas Eve, we went downtown to eat at the Chick fil A there. As we were leaving, a trolly was right outside and Hudson went nuts over the "choo choo!"

The woman driving the trolly was SO SWEET and let us come inside so Hudson could see it. Then she asked if we were in a hurry. We weren't so we got to take a ride all through downtown Birmingham on the trolly. Hudson was in heaven!

After our trolly ride, we went home and the kids took naps and I finished up cooking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. After naps we got ready and went to church for the Christmas Eve service.

So lovely Emma.

E and B came over after church to give the kids their Christmas presents. 

Adorable Christmas jams!!

After dinner, we went outside to sprinkle some reindeer food that our friends gave us. Hudson got so into it and loved it!

Emma just loved an excuse to be outside. It was FREEZING!

Not thinking, we fed them dinner in their jams and got them SO DIRTY. So we had to do baths and put on other jams to sleep in. Boo. 

Before bed, we picked out some cookies for Santa and a few carrots for Rudolph. We got a glass with milk and put it by the fireplace. Hudson was SO excited and loved leaving cookies for Santa. I was shocked though when he kept wanting to eat the carrots! We put the kids to bed and then got busy playing Santa! :)

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