Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Fun!

At the beginning of December, Eric and Brittany came over to give the kids a very special present. They were so excited to open it!

It was a nativity advent calendar. The pieces are magnetic and each day another character is added to the nativity scene. Hudson LOVED opening a box every day.

One day while Hudson was in school, Emma and I set out to do a little Christmas shopping. 

This was our first year to have the Little People nativity. They loved it!

Well, Emma really just chewed on it. :)

We got a new tree this year and our old start tree topper didn't work with our new tree. Hudson came home from school one day with a star ornament that he insisted needed to be at the top of the tree. I loved our tree topper this year.

Emma was OBSESSED with playing with ornaments this year. By the end of this month, there were very few ornaments at the bottom of the tree.

Our new door decor this year! I LOVE it!

The Christmas music by the Chapel Choir, middle school choir, and children's choirs was beautiful. I loved seeing all of them on the stage together. You can barely see John, but he is behind the children conducting the chapel and middle school choirs.

We were given these precious little choir boys that sing Christmas carols and harmonize with each other. Hudson and Emma loved playing with them.

We hosted our small group one Monday night in December. We had a fabulous dinner and then strung popcorn and cranberries for our Christmas trees.

The finished product on our tree!

This year, Emma wore some Santa jams that Hudson wore when he was 6 months old. :)

I adore how Hudson arranged the nativity animals. And you better believe I left them this way until I packed this away.

My sweet delicate girl on Christmas Sunday. :)

It has been such a wonderful Christmas season! I've loved experiencing this through the eyes of our kids!

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